If you’re new to bitcoin then you may have heard that you can mine bitcoins yourself and make easy money. For the most part that time has passed. With the number of large scale commercial miners out there it’s very difficult to compete; with consumer hardware we’re talking cents a day or less. You could buy specialised rigs to mine for you but the break even point is at least a year and once you factor in electricity costs you may actually be losing money.

Online miners let you rent out some of their computing power. Now most of these sites are mostly scams, the return on investment times they offer aren’t realistic so there’s a large risk they’ll never give you anything back. So unless you know exactly what you’re doing do not give these guys any money. I mean it, many of these aren’t doing any mining at all, they’re ponzi schemes that will only be able to pay you if more people invest.

But many of these sites offer a free tier to try and reel you in. It’s not much but it’s almost completely passive so if you sign up to all of them you may get a few dollars at the end of the year. The issue is that the minimum withdrawal means you’ll have to wait a while to find out whether they will actually pay. Below is a roundup of the sites which may payout at some point.

SiteCurrent balance(Satoshi)Days activeMinimum payout (BTC)Days until first payment 681 44 0.0125 83333 290841 44 0.01 151 258808 44 0.005 85 2028 44 0.001 2173 155350 44 0.003 84 7033 44 0.05 31446 106596 44 0.003 123 2451 43 0.0005 877