• Has a huge family of apps. No idea why it needs so many and the constant changing between them gets really confusing.

Ways to earn

  • 100 points on startup
  • Offerwall
  • Videos: 2-4 PP per video. Leaving videos playing on a mobile device works well but you get no credit for watching in a browser.
  • Shopping. Has a fairly limited range of coupons but a decent range of stores.
  • Sweepstakes can be purchased both with points and with “tokens”. Tokens don’t seem to have any other value so you can use them here but the rewards are pretty lame compared to the sweepstakes paid for with points.


  • Get 500 points when your referral claims their first reward.


  • PerkTV offers one of the best passive video watching experiences. Some sites say that you can run up to 5 devices at once but there’s no mention on perkTV about this and some users have had their account locked when they try to redeem.

If you have an old device you can install the app on you can leave it running all day. In Australia the payment is 50% of what people get in the US but it can still generate $0.20 a day.

Lately the app has been crashing or freezing a lot more so it’s not longer worth the effort of babysitting it for a few cents.