Ways to earn

  • 250 HC for signing up
  • Search: 4 HC for performing a search, resets hourly
  • Surveys: These bounce all over the place between different providers. It makes it a bit difficult to understand what’s going on. I filled out the same initial questions 10 times without ever finding a survey which I was able to complete
  • Videos: Couldn’t find any it would let me watch
  • HulkTV: 25 HC for 5 videos. There were none available for me unfortunately

Daily rewards

  • Currently at 70HC


  • Guess the card to win 50HC. 5 attempts 0 wins

Referral bonus

  • Up to 600 HC. No mention of % earnings


  • Having HC worth so little means you feel like you’re earning a lot when in reality it’s very little.
  • Seems like some of the offers are broken
  • Some offers seem very untrustworthy